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Chris Craft Seaskiff
1950 Chris Craft Seaskiff 1 of 6
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1950 Chris Craft Seaskiff 2 of 6
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1950 Chris Craft Seaskiff 6 of 6
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In the 1950’s Chris Craft built hundreds of these Seaskiffs. Framed in oak and planked with fir marine plywood, they were light and strong and required less maintenance than their mahogany cousins. Unfortunately, after 50 years in the marine environment, wood starts to decay and loses its integrity. Fortunately for this family heirloom, the owner decided it was time to take on a major structural rebuild. Approximately 80% of the frames were replaced and all of the planking except for the top four strakes was replaced. Good quality fir marine plywood is no longer available so okoume plywood was used instead. With the right care and maintenance she should be good for another 50 years.


• Restoration
• Varnish Work
• Hull and Deck Repair
• Interior Joinery
• Balsa Core Laminate
and Repair

• AwlGrip Painting
• Cleaning and Waxing
• Deck Hardware and

• Boat Storage
• Boat Transportation

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