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Yankee One Design: a little history. This 30' sloop was designed in 1937 for the waters of Buzzard's Bay Massachusetts. The design committee consisted of L. Francis Herreshoff, Starling Burgees and Frank Paine. Forty-two boats were built between 1937 and 1960. Many of these were built at the Quincy Adams yard and it is believed that some 15-20 are still in existence. At one time there were three of these beautiful wooden boats sailing on Lake Champlain.

Westward Ho! Came to us as a chronic leaker. The crew spent more time bailing than sailing, so it was decided that a new keel and deadwood were in order. These were replaced in 2003 and the owner reports that they now have a dry bilge.

This same boat is undergoing a deck replacement during the winter of 2004-05.


• Restoration
• Varnish Work
• Hull and Deck Repair
• Interior Joinery
• Balsa Core Laminate
and Repair

• AwlGrip Painting
• Cleaning and Waxing
• Deck Hardware and

• Boat Storage
• Boat Transportation

Completed Jobs


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