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Yankee 30 – Deck repair
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During the winter of ‘04-‘05 “Westward Ho” came into the shop to have her deck rebuilt. After removing the cabin house and old canvas, several areas of deteriorated wood were discovered and had to be repaired. After deck beams, carlins and deck planking were replaced, a 3mm layer of plywood was epoxied to the original planking, over that two layers of Dynel/epoxy were applied and finished off with Awlgrip paint. This created a very strong and handsome deck that should prove to be low maintenance for years to come.


• Restoration
• Varnish Work
• Hull and Deck Repair
• Interior Joinery
• Balsa Core Laminate
and Repair

• AwlGrip Painting
• Cleaning and Waxing
• Deck Hardware and

• Boat Storage
• Boat Transportation

Completed Jobs


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